Sunday, January 4, 2009

Questions about Blondes...


What is it about blondes? There is an undeniable draw that blonde women have in our world that never ceases to intrigue me. From the 1400's with Lucrezia Borgia to modern times with Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcett, Pamela Anderson and the Swedish Bikini Team, blondes have dominated Western Culture's fascination for a very long time.

Most of us know at least one blonde joke that reinforces the stereotype that blondes aren't as smart, interesting, or clever as their darker haired counterparts. I can't say that all of the smartest women I've met were blondes, but I also can't say that I haven't met many ditzy brunettes, red-heads, and raven haired beauties either.

Is it a sign of basic evolution to be drawn to someone with sunlit hair? Is there some primal urge that makes our subconscious think blond hair makes an individual more pure, closer to lightness and perfection? Or is it as simple as our eyes being naturally drawn to a shiny object?

In my small town of Santa Maria I have found it incredibly difficult to get models who aren't Caucasians with blonde hair. Are white girls taught to be more open and willing to be photographed? Does their "white" upbringing give them less love so they have more of a desire to have attention given to them? Are they taught to be more open about themselves? Is it that they are more likely to aspire to what daddy's back issues of Playboy contained? I have many questions, and the answers vary as much as the individual blondes I work with.

Personally, I've dated both blond and non-blonde women and honestly I don't have a preference when it comes to hair color. However, when it comes to my photo work I would love the opportunity to shoot more brunettes. Not much of a point here, just a few thoughts.


  1. I'm convinced it has a lot to do with, as you mention, our eyes being drawn to the lighter color.

  2. Light hair is a sign of youth. Blond women are more immature. Or at least they're trying to appear so!

    I hate when people bleach - it makes their head disappear.

  3. How in the hell is light hair a sign of youth? Dark hair is a sign of youth. Light hair means your hair is loosing pigment (aka GREY). That was officially the dumbest comment ever made.

    I love dark, luscious shiny hair. Blonde or light colored hair always seems to look dry. Darker hair looks full and luscious, like silk.

  4. Umm because its the perfect disguse for a brunette they would never suspect a intelligent person to be blonde so its the perfect disguse for a brunnette that wishes to wreak havoc as a blonde because they know they would get away with much more as a blonde.

    common sense

  5. HAHA totally agree with you, light hais is a sign of getting old...everybody knows it...

  6. I had bleach blonde hair up to the age of 5, which then got darker & darker until it became dark brown. How does this tally with the above comments?

    Many people have very light blonde hair as children, which then darkens as they get older; surely the association with youth is therefore obvious! Me.....I just prefer blue eyed blondes & always have done!