Monday, February 2, 2009

LOVE, Part Two: Sucker


Okay, it's obvious: I'm a sucker for women. Not all women, per se, but those truly special ones that have the ability to take your breathe away, if even for a moment. Sure, it can be a pretty face or a subtle glance, and these are common. Even more exciting though are the women armed with a wonderfully sarcastic quip, a dirty little glint in their eyes, or simply one of a thousand other unnameable things that make your heart sing or your legs turn to Jello. Yes, of course there have been maybe one or two in this life that have truly knocked me out, thrown me for a loop or whatever other cliché you can think of, and those are the most extreme example. However, this general interest and widest of wide variety in tastes of women never ceases to remind me of how human I am.

These special females in question can range from the obvious good girl with a dirty side to the blatant loud-mouthed and confrontational broad who doesn't take shit from anyone. In my 31 years they have come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and demographics, and sadly all manners of involvement in the judicial system. This is not to say I've gotten involved with all of these women, or have had the desire to, yet these select women have all gotten my attention in their own way.

Thankfully, for the crutch that this ability of having my head turned so easily can be, it has also helped me considerably as a photographer. I find myself often in a situation where I am needing to find even the smallest attractive or redeeming value in someone that can be pretty odious and annoying. Sometimes it may be found in a movement of the hand, the shape of a neck or the fabulous snort when laughing (no, not you Hollie!), but in that moment that person can seem fascinating and lovely.

Still, this is not the same as those very special one or two ladies who have kicked my ass, or better yet, who I have allowed to have my ass kicked by. There are those special women who have so many qualities that challenge, inspire, frustrate and infuriate, hurt and down-right crush you that you just can't get enough, you always go back for more. Because you're a sucker. At least I am.

And here's the song that reminded me:

John Mayer

Sometimes, I wish that I was the weather
You'd bring me up in conversation forever
And when it rained, I'd be the talk all day

Oh, sometimes I wish that I was a cold beer
I'd rest assured that you would hold me near
I'd be guaranteed to be just what you need

And there could be no other way, 'cause you're so, you're so lame
Your tired words are all, they're all the same
Yeah I would walk and I'd surely walk away
If I wasn't such a sucker for you

Sometimes, I wish that I was a bong hit
You'd let me in and you would love every minute
And tell the room the things I did to you...

Oh and there could be no other way, 'cause you're so lame
Your tired words are all, your tired words are all the same
Yeah I would walk you know I'd surely walk away
If I wasn't such a sucker for you

I see your world with rosey-colored glasses on
Wanna right what I see wrong
I could never have that power over you

Someday, I'm gonna pack up and leave this town
I'm gonna get my own things goin' on
And when I do, I'll forget
I'll forget
I'll forget about how, how you're so, you're so lame
Your tired words are all, your tired words are all the same
And I would walk you know I'd, I'd walk away
If I wasn't such a sucker for you
I wasn't such a sucker for you
I wasn't such a sucker for you

Yup, that says it all. Good night.


  1. Wow...I think is the my favorite so far....I admit and confess that I am a sucker for men...Darnit...Maybe its the artist in me..I mean I can honestly see something beautiful in everything and everyone..Be it a gesture, a laugh, a mannerism, the shape of a forearm or the arches in lips..I mean even a quick accidental brush of the arm if at the perfect moment makes him "wow" even for a second....I can take the biggest dickhead and still see something beautiful..which by the way has gotten me torn down beyond belief in the past....theres something about dickheads I just...LOL..but promise that nothing beats a nice guy....those last the dickheads break one down so we are ready for the nice ones...

  2. I've never heard that song but I'm about to look it up because I love the lyrics.

    We need to get together soon friend! It's been stinkin ages since that visit down your direction. This summer I promise! I'll bring Jessica for you to photograph, haha.