Friday, August 7, 2009


Tom's Take Out Mark Velasquez Photography
Beware dear friends, that you may not fall victim to that most wretched and vile of body parts, the Great North American Female Nipple. Even the most meager mention of those words sends a shiver down the straight, moral spines and bulging trousers of those most important lawmakers and purveyors of all that is righteous and pure, those protectors of our society at large and our individual souls in total!

Take warning children! Gaze not upon its warm and swollen eroticism! For even the briefest of glimpses will render the instantly corrupted viewer with surely nothing short of an unquenchable lust and moral laxity! The power of it in its engorged, aroused state has wrecked countless ships on rocky shores and sent otherwise good and decent men out into the cold night bellowing indecipherable nonsense up to the unforgiving heavens!

At all times should those disgusting protuberances of condensed sex be hidden beneath shirts and sweaters, as much cloth as the bearer of such burdens can withstand. They must be restrained and contained so as not to tempt the weak of heart and mind! Surely, no one, especially the poor female souls forced to ferry these delicious and provocative mammaries of misfortune, should ever be in danger of being forced to experience such a wicked display!

Not one of you lucky few who have yet to fall victim to this evil should even be given the choice to witness or not such a ruinous enterprise as the luxurious and sublime spectacle of those toggles of titillation. There is no hope left for us unlucky few, the initiated who have beheld one, if not a mouthwateringly matched pair, of these insipid swaths of demonic flesh. Our eyes would best be plucked out, though even the faint memory alone of the round, tanned dermis will surely guarantee our eternal damnation in the deepest corners of Hades!

The world needs constant diligence if we are to remain secure within our sanctity, safe out of reach from the terror that only exposed female flesh can create. Never shall supposed art forms, filthy and unsanctioned, ever be allowed to be shown to the masses for fear that millennia of culture and learning should be brought to it's knees by the mere hint of aureola!

May those who have the power, nay, the responsibility to censor and protect their fellow countrymen every tarry from their task, remaining earnest and true in this most holy and honored rite. Surely in most other parts of the world the aversion to this forbidden flesh is lessened only due to the fact that the power of the native born American teat is imbued with far more sexual intensity, therefore much more capable of bringing down society as a whole. Envy those fortuitous European reprobates, for they know not the dread and consternation of knowing that in every dark corner lurks those warm, sweet disks of destruction!

I pray each night that we have the strength and courage to hold steadfast to the core values that this nation was founded upon, to reject, destroy, and denigrate all that is shameful and ungodly: the naked, human form. May we all be so blessed as to survive in a loathsome world where these woeful bits of skin still exist. May God have mercy on us all!

(Author's Note: Forgive the frustrated rant, please. This diatribe was written after having the cleanest of my images become censored on multiple websites in a few short days and after having read "Fahrenheit 451" twice during the same time period.)


  1. and how right you are to rant.
    it is laughable how things still work these days... anyway mate, keep up the good work!

  2. You called them "toggles of titillation". LMFAO. That's great.

    I feel you here, though. Facebook so much as deleted my images without even noting what the content was – perhaps even the description of the photos would have been enough to bring down Facebook as a whole. Sad thing is, none of them showed hardly anything at all whatsoever. :(

  3. I agree wholeheartedly!!!! I'm so sick of my nipples being censored! I hate that facebook has nipple police and I can't walk down the street topless. Oh, the injustice!

    Glad to have my figure modeling gigs and nudist friends. And my racy website.

  4. Beautiful model for these shots! I enjoy the rotating spirals too, my friend. ;)

    Perhaps the north american female nipple is perceived as pornographic because they're suckled by babies? Disgusting, innocent babies. Perhaps, like the consumption of marijuana or fossil fuels, it's just the present "end-result" of misguided legislation and opinion from the past. Either way, I don't think things will change here anytime soon.

    Great work, as always. Enjoying everything MV. :)

  5. I love your tags on this post.

  6. you're a creep who objectifies women. you have a responsibility to all the little girls (and your nieces) who see your photos and think that's what they are to society - an object. get a new schtick, yours is old and tired. Sexism and the objectification of women. how shocking! zzzzzzzz

  7. This is the main American Nipple